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About the game.

It's been a long time since development started, and now I'm publishing it. It's in early alpha state, so I appreciate any help and recommendations.

Current features:

  • Endless random generated world
  • 2 biomes (test of the biome system)
  • Inventory system and craft
  • Traders and their mechanics
  • Friendly/Non-friendly NPCs and very simple AI
  • Loot system
  • Dungeon layer (no generation yet, only level full of rock)
  • Dialog system for quests (multiple answers)

And some other things I forgot.

Multiplayer mode is also planned. I have a client-server system already made in the game, but it's really buggy. So, thanks everyone who wants to try the game.


MadSandLauncher.jar 6 kB

Development log

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